1: अभृश

adj. not much

adj. little

adj. few

2: अहिंसा

f. safeness

f. not injuring anything

f. non-injury

f. harmlessness

f. nonviolence

f. security

3: उत्तराधर

adj. higher and lower

4: आनम

adj. to be bent

m. bending

m. stretching

5: अशूला

f. tree Vitex Alata

6: अञ्जसा

indecl. suddenly

indecl. instantly

indecl. soon

ind. justly

ind. straight on

ind. right

ind. truly

indecl. quickly

7: अधिक्षेप

m. abuse

m. contempt

m. dismissal

m. accusation

m. insult

8: ऐडविड

m. of a son of dazaratha

9: लेखा-संवरण

n. closing an account  [ Com. ]

10: अनवलम्बित

adj. not supported or propped up

adj. not dependent

11: अकृत्रिम

adj. natural

adj. inartificial

12: अमरप

m. lord of the gods

13: अमलरत्न

n. crystal

14: आनम् { आनम् }

verb bend

verb bend towards or near

verb incline

verb condescend

verb do homage

verb bow

verb subdue

verb bend down

verb be propitious (as gods to men)

verb salute reverently

15: अनिद्र

adj. sleepless

adj. awake

16: अनपायिन्

adj. invariable

adj. imperishable

adj. not going or passing away

adj. constant in the same state

17: आधेय

adj. comprehended

adj. to be pledged or mortgaged

adj. included

adj. to be assigned or attributed or given or conceded

adj. being contained

adj. to be deposited or placed

adj. being imputed

adj. to be kindled or placed

n. putting on

n. to be effected

n. attribute

n. to be fixed

n. placing

n. contents

n. predicate

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