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पद्म /padma/ m., n.
1) цветок лотоса; лотос
2) несметное число
3) поза лотоса (положение при религиозном созерцании)

существительное, м.р.


Существительное средний род

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

पद्म [ padma ] [ padma ] m. n. ( 2. or 3. [ pad ] ?) a lotus (esp. the flower of the lotus-plant Nelumbium Speciosum which closes towards evening ; often confounded with the water-lily or Nymphaea Alba) Lit. MBh. Lit. Kāv. (ifc. f ( [ ā ] ) .)

the form or figure of a lotus Lit. R. Lit. MārkP. ( a N. given by the Tāntrikas to the 6 divisions of the upper part of the body called Cakras q.v.)

a partic. mark or mole on the human body Lit. R.

red or coloured marks on the face or trunk of an elephant Lit. L.

a partic. part of a column or pillar Lit. Var.

a kind of temple Lit. ib.

an army arrayed in the form of a lotus Lit. Mn. Lit. MBh.

a partic. posture of the body in religious meditation , Lit. Vedânt. ( cf. [ padmāsana ] )

a kind of coitus Lit. L.

one of the 9 treasures of Kubera (also personified) Lit. R.

one of the 8 treasures connected with the magical art called Padminī Lit. MBh. Lit. Hariv.

a partic. high number (1000 millions or billions) Lit. MBh. Lit. R.

a partic. constellation Lit. Var.

N. of a partic. cold hell Lit. Buddh.

a partic. fragrant substance Lit. MBh. (v.l. [ °maka ] )

the root of Nelumbium Speciosum Lit. L.

a species of bdellium Lit. L.

lead Lit. L.

[ padma ] m. a species of plant Lit. L.

an elephant Lit. L.

a species of serpent Lit. Suśr.

N. of Rāma (son of Daśa-ratha) Lit. Śatr.

of two serpent-demons Lit. MBh. Lit. R.

of one of the attendants of Skanda Lit. MBh.

of a mythical Buddha Lit. MWB. 136 n. 1.

(with Jainas) N. of the 9th Cakra-vartin in Bhārata and of one of the 9 white Balas

N. of a king Lit. MBh.

of a prince of Kaśmīra ( founder of Padma-pura and of a temple ; see [ padma-svāmin ] ) Lit. Rājat.

of another man Lit. ib.

of a Brāhman Lit. Lalit.

of a mythical elephant Lit. R. ( cf. [ mahā-padma ] )

of a monkey Lit. R.

of a mountain Lit. Var.

[ padmā ] f. " the lotus-hued one " , N. of Śrī Lit. Mn. Lit. MBh. ( cf. [ padma-śrī ] )

[ padma ] m. a species of plant Lit. Suśr. ( Clerodendrum Siphorantus or Hibiscus Mutabilis Lit. L.)

cloves Lit. L.

the flower of Carthamus Tinctoria Lit. L.

N. of the mother of Muni-suvrata (the 20th Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī) Lit. L.

of a female serpent-demon ( = the goddess Manasā , wife of the sage Jarat-kāru ; cf. [ padma-priyā ] ) Lit. L.

of a daughter of king Bṛihadratha and wife of Kalki Lit. Pur.

mfn. lotus-hued , being of the colour of a lotus Lit. ShaḍvBr.


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