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अम्बा /ambā/ f.
1) мать
2) nom. pr. супруга Шиш; см. शिव 2 1 )

Nom.ambā, ambāambe, ambeambāḥ, ambāḥ
Gen.ambāyāḥ, ambāyāḥambayoḥ, ambayoḥambānām, ambānām
Dat.ambāyai, ambāyaiambābhyām, ambābhyāmambābhyaḥ, ambābhyaḥ
Instr.ambayā, ambayāambābhyām, ambābhyāmambābhiḥ, ambābhiḥ
Acc.ambām, ambāmambe, ambeambāḥ, ambāḥ
Abl.ambāyāḥ, ambāyāḥambābhyām, ambābhyāmambābhyaḥ, ambābhyaḥ
Loc.ambāyām, ambāyāmambayoḥ, ambayoḥambāsu, ambāsu
Voc.ambe, amba, ambe, ambaambe, ambeambāḥ, ambāḥ

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

अम्बा [ ambā ] [ ambā́ f. ( Ved. voc. [ ámbe ] ( Lit. VS. ) or [ amba ] ( Lit. RV. ) , in later Sanskrit [ amba ] only , sometimes a mere interjection Lit. ĀśvŚr.) , a mother , good woman (as a title of respect)

N. of a plant

N. of Durgā (the wife of Śiva)

N. of an Apsaras Lit. L.

N. of a daughter of a king of Kāśī Lit. MBh.

N. of one of the seven Kṛttikās Lit. TS. Lit. Kāṭh. Lit. TBr.

a term in astrol. (to denote the fourth condition which results from the conjunction of planets?) . In the South Indian languages , [ ambā is corrupted into [ ammā ] , and is often affixed to the names of goddesses , and females in general Germ. (Amme) , a nurse ; Old Germ. (amma) , Them. (ammôn) , (ammU7n) )

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