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मृग /mṛga/ m.
1) дичь
2) животное
3) газель; антилопа

существительное, м.р.


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 मृग [ mṛga ] [ mṛgá ] m. (prob. " ranger " , " rover " ) a forest animal or wild beast , game of any kind , (esp.) a deer , fawn , gazelle , antelope , stag , musk-deer Lit. RV.

  the deer or antelope in the moon (i.e. the spots on the disk supposed to resemble those of an antelope as well as a hare)

  the disk or antelope in the sky (either the Nakshatra Mṛiga-śiras or the sign of the zodiac Capricorn ; also in general the 10th arc of 30 degrees in a circle) Lit. Sūryas. Lit. VarBṛS.

  an elephant with partic. marks (accord. to Lit. L. " one the secondary marks of whose body are small " ) Lit. R. Lit. Var.

  a large soaring bird Lit. RV. i , 182 , 7

  N. of a demon or Vṛitra in the form of a deer slain by Indra Lit. ib. i , 80 , 7

  of a celestial being (occupying a partic. place in an astrol. house divided into 81 compartments) Lit. VarBṛS. Lit. Hcat.

  of a partic. class of men whose conduct in coitus resembles that of the roebuck Lit. L.

  of the district in Śāka-dvīpa inhabited principally by Brāhmans Lit. MBh. (B. [ maṅga ] ) ; of the Brāhmans themselves Lit. VP. (v.l. [ maga ] )

  of a horse of the Moon Lit. VP.

  musk (= [ mṛga-nābhi ] or [ -mada ] ) Lit. VarBṛS.

  a partic. Aja-pāla sacrifice Lit. L.

  search , seeking , asking , requesting Lit. L.

  [ mṛgā ] f. = [ mṛga-vīthī ] Lit. L.

  [ mṛgī ] f. a female deer or antelope , doe Lit. Hariv. Lit. R.

  N. of the mythical progenitress of antelopes Lit. MBh. Lit. R. Lit. Pur.

  a partic. class of women Lit. L.

  a kind of metre Lit. Col.

  a partic. gait of a dancing girl Lit. Saṃgīt.

  demoniacal possession , epilepsy Lit. L.


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