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पर्वन् /parvan/ n.
1) узел
2) нарост у растения
3) членение
4) глава, раздел книги
5) лунный день

Существительное средний род
Nom.parvaparvṇī, parvaṇīparvāṇi
Acc.parvaparvṇī, parvaṇīparvāṇi
Voc.parvan, parvaparvṇī, parvaṇīparvāṇi

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 पर्वन् [ parvan ] [ párvan ] n. a knot , joint (esp. of a cane or other plant ( cf. [ parus ] ) , but also of the body) , limb , member (lit. and fig.) Lit. RV.

  a break , pause , division , section (esp. of a book) Lit. ŚBr. Lit. MBh.

  the step of a staircase Lit. Ragh.

  a member of a compound Lit. Prāt. Lit. Nir.

  a period or fixed time Lit. RV. Lit. VS. Lit. ŚBr. Lit. GṛŚrS.

  (esp.) the Cāturmāsya festival , Lit. ŚrS.

  the days of the 4 changes of the moon (i.e. the full and change of the moon and the 8th and 14th of each half-month) Lit. GṛŚrS. Lit. Mn. Lit. MBh.

  a sacrifice performed on the occasion of a change of the moon Lit. R.

  the day of the moon's passing the node at its opposition or conjunction Lit. Var. Lit. Sūryas. Lit. MBh.

  the moment of the sun's entering a new sign Lit. W.

  any partic. period of the year (as the equinox , solstice ) Lit. ib.

  a division of time e.g. a half-month (24 in a year) Lit. MBh.

  a day (360) Lit. BhP.

  a festival , holiday Lit. W.

  opportunity , occasion Lit. ib.

  a moment , instant Lit. ib.


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