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श्रुति /śruti/ f.
1) слушание
2) слух (чувство)
3) ухо
4) то, что можно услышат (напр. зов)
5) услышанное — одно из на званий Вед

Gen.śrutyāḥ, śruteḥśrutyoḥśrutīnām
Dat.śrutyai, śrutayeśrutibhyāmśrutibhyaḥ
Abl.śrutyāḥ, śruteḥśrutibhyāmśrutibhyaḥ
Loc.śrutyām, śrutauśrutyoḥśrutiṣu

Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 श्रुति [ śruti ] [ śrúti ]1 f. hearing , listening ( [ śrutim abhinīya ] , " feigning to hear " ; [ śrutiṃ vaco 'nugāṃ-√ kṛ ] , " to listen to a speech " ) Lit. ŚBr.

  the ear , organ or power of hearing Lit. Kāv. Lit. VarBṛS. Lit. Kathās.

  the diagonal of a tetragon or hypothenuse of a triangle Lit. Gol.

  that which is heard or perceived with the ear , sound , noise Lit. RV. Lit. AV. Lit. Prāt. Lit. Kathās. Lit. BhP.

  an aggregate of sounds (whether forming a word or any part of a word) Lit. TPrāt.

  rumour , report , news , intelligence , hearsay ( [ śrutau-√ sthā ] , " to be known by hearsay " ) Lit. MBh. Lit. Kāv.

  a saying , saw , word Lit. MBh. Lit. R. Lit. BhP.

  that which has been heard or communicated from the beginning , sacred knowledge orally transmitted by the Brāhmans from generation to generation , the Veda (i.e. sacred eternal sounds or words as eternally heard by certain holy sages called Ṛishis , and so differing from [ smṛ́ti ] or what is only remembered and handed down in writing by human authors see Lit. Mn. ii , 10 ; it is properly only applied to the Mantra and Brāhmaṇa portion of the Vedas , although afterwards extended to the Upanishads and other Vedic works including the Darśanas ; [ iti śruteḥ ] , " because it is so taught in the Veda , according to a [ śruti ] or Vedic text " ; pl. " sacred texts , the Vedas " , also " rites prescribed by the Vedas " ) Lit. AitBr. Lit. ŚrS. Lit. Mn. Lit. MBh. Lit. IW. 144

  (in music) a particular division of the octave , a quarter tone or interval ( twenty-two of these are enumerated , four constituting a major tone , three a minor , and two a semitone ; they are said to be personified as nymphs) Lit. Yājñ. Lit. Śiś. Lit. Pañcar.

  a name , title Lit. Kāvyâd. ii , 331

  learning , scholarship Lit. Śak. Lit. VarBṛS. ( prob. w.r. for [ śruta ] )

  = [ buddhi ] Lit. L.

  N. of a daughter of Atri and wife of Kardama Lit. VP.


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