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शलाका /śalākā/ f.
1) щепка, лучина
2) заноза
3) соломинка
4) прут; хлыст
5) палец


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 शलाका [ śalākā ] [ śalākā ] f. any small stake or stick , rod (for stirring ) , twig (smeared with lime for catching birds) , rib (of an umbrella) , bar (of a cage or window) , chip , splinter , splint , pencil (for painting or applying collyrium) Lit. ŚBr.

  a piece of bamboo (borne as a kind of credential by mendicants and marked with their name) Lit. Buddh.

  the quill of a porcupine Lit. KātyŚr. Sch.

  an oblong quadrangular piece of ivory or bone (used in playing a partic. game) . Lit. ib.

  a peg , pin , arrow-head , needle , a probe (used in surgery and sometimes taken as the N. of this branch of , surgery Lit. Suśr.) , any pointed instrument Lit. MBh. Lit. R. Lit. ŚārṅgS.

  a sprout , sprig , shoot of any kind (see [ ratna-ś ] )

  a ruler Lit. W.

  a toothpick or tooth-brush Lit. L.

  a match or thin piece of wood (used for ignition by friction) Lit. W.

  a bone Lit. L.

  a finger , toe Lit. Vishṇ. Lit. Yājñ.

  a porcupine Lit. L.

  a partic. thorny shrub , Vanguieria Spinosa Lit. L.

  the Sārikā bird , Turdus Salica Lit. L.

  N. of a town Lit. R.

  of a woman g. [ śubhrādi ] .


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