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वरुण /varuṇa/ m.
1) nom. pr. владыка вод, божество рек, морей и океанов
2) океан
3) рыба

существительное, м.р.


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 वरुण [ varuṇa ] [ váruṇa ] m. ( once in the Lit. TĀr. [ varuṇá ] ) " All-enveloping Sky " , N. of an Āditya (in the Veda commonly associated with Mitra ( q.v.) and presiding over the night as Mitra over the day , but often celebrated separately , whereas Mitra is rarely invoked alone ; Varuṇa is one of the oldest of the Vedic gods , and is commonly thought to correspond to the 1 of the Greeks , although of a more spiritual conception ; he is often regarded as the supreme deity , being then styled " king of the gods " or " king of both gods and men " or " king of the universe " ; no other deity has such grand attributes and functions assigned to him ; he is described as fashioning and upholding heaven and earth , as possessing extraordinary power and wisdom called [ māyā ] , as sending his spies or messengers throughout both worlds , as numbering the very winkings of men's eyes , as hating falsehood , as seizing transgressors with his [ pāśa ] or noose , as inflicting diseases , especially dropsy , as pardoning sin , as the guardian of immortality ; he is also invoked in the Veda together with Indra , and in later Vedic literature together with Agni , with Yama , and with Vishṇu ; in Lit. RV. iv , 1 , 2, he is even called the brother of Agni ; though not generally regarded in the Veda as a god of the ocean , yet he is often connected with the waters , especially the waters of the atmosphere or firmament , and in one place ( Lit. RV. vii , 64 , 2 ) is called with Mitra , [ sindhu-pati ] , " lord of the sea or of rivers " ; hence in the later mythology he became a kind of Neptune , and is there best known in his character of god of the ocean ; in the Lit. MBh. Varuṇa is said to be a son of Kardama and father of Pushkara , and is also variously represented as one of the Deva-gandharvas , as a Nāga , as a king of the Nagas , and as an Asura ; he is the regent of the western quarter ( cf. [ loka-pāla ] ) and of the Nakshatra Śatabhishaj ( Lit. VarBṛS. ) ; the Jainas consider Varuṇa as a servant of the twentieth Arhat of the present Avasarpiṇī) Lit. RV. ( cf. Lit. IW. 10 ; 12 )

  the ocean Lit. VarBṛS.

  water Lit. Kathās.

  the sun Lit. L.

  awarder off or dispeller Lit. Sāy. on Lit. RV. v , 48 , 5

  N. of a partic. magical formula recited over weapons Lit. R. (v.l. [ varaṇa ] )

  the tree Crataeva Roxburghii Lit. L. ( cf. [ varaṇa ] )

  pl. (prob.) the gods generally Lit. AV. iii , 4 , 6

  [ varuṇā ] f. N. of a river Lit. MBh.


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