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कुन्ती /kuntī/ f. nom. pr. старшая супруга Панду—Притха; см. पाण्डु , पृथा


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 कुन्ती [ kuntī ] [ kuntī f. N. of Pṛithā (daughter of a Yādava prince named Śūra ( or Vasu Lit. Hariv. 5255 ) , who gave her to his childless cousin Kunti or Kuntibhoja , by whom she was adopted ; she afterwards became one of the wives of Pāṇḍu ; on one occasion before her marriage she paid such respect to the powerful sage Durvāsas that he taught her an incantation or charm , by virtue of which she was to have a child by any god she liked to invoke out of curiosity she invoked the Sun , by whom she had a child cf. [ karṇa ] ; but the Sun afterwards restored to her her maidenhood; soon after his marriage Pāṇḍu retired to the woods to indulge his passion for hunting ; there he killed a male and female deer , who turned out to be a Ṛishi and his wife in the form of these animals ; the sage cursed Pāṇḍu and predicted that he would die in the embrace of one of his wives ; hence Pāṇḍu lived apart from Kuntī , but with his approval she made use of her charm and had three sons , Yudhishṭhira , Bhīma , and Arjuna , by the three deities Dharma , Vāyu , and Indra respectively ; cf. [ mādrī ] ) Lit. Pāṇ. Lit. MBh. ( 291,1 )

  N. of a Rākshasī Lit. Buddh.

  of a river Lit. VP.

  the wife of a Brāhman Lit. L.

  the plant Boswellia thurifera Lit. L.

  a fragrant resin (= [ guggulu ] ) Lit. L.