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समाधि /samādhi/ m.
1) см. समाधान 1) —3);
2) приведение в исполнение
3) религиозное покаяние или подвижничество
4) доброе дело
5) благоговение

Noun, m.


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

 समाधि [ samādhi ] [ sam-ādhi ] m. putting together , joining or combining with (instr.) Lit. Lāṭy.

  a joint or a partic. position of the neck Lit. Kir.

  union , a whole , aggregate , set Lit. R. Lit. Hariv. Lit. Ragh.

  completion , accomplishment , conclusion Lit. Kum.

  setting to rights , adjustment , settlement Lit. MBh.

  justification of a statement , proof Lit. Sarvad.

  bringing into harmony , agreement , assent Lit. W. Lit. RPrāt.

  intense application or fixing the mind on , intentness , attention ( [ °dhiṃ-√ kṛ ] , " to attend " ) Lit. MBh. Lit. R.

  concentration of the thoughts , profound or abstract meditation , intense contemplation of any particular object (so as to identify the contemplator with the object meditated upon ; this is the eighth and last stage of Yoga ( Lit. IW. 93 ) ; with Buddhists Samādhi is the fourth and last stage of Dhyāna or intense abstract meditation ( Lit. MWB. 209 ) ; in the Kāraṇḍa-vyūha several Samādhi are enumerated) Lit. Up. Lit. Buddh. Lit. MBh.

  intense absorption or a kind of trance Lit. MBh. Lit. Kāv.

  a sanctuary or tomb of a saint Lit. W. Lit. RTL. 261

  ( in rhet.) N. of various figures of speech (defined as [ ārohāvarohakrama ] , [ artha-dṛṣṭi ] , [ anya-dharmāṇām anyatrādhirohaṇa ] ) , Lit. Kāvyâd. Lit. Vām. Lit. Kpr.

  N. of the 17th Kalpa ( q.v.) , of the 17th Arhat of the future Utsarpiṇī Lit. L.

  of a Vaiśya Lit. Cat. (accord. to Lit. L. also " silence ; a religious vow of intense devotion or self-imposed abstraction ; support , upholding ; continuance ; perseverance in difficulties ; attempting impossibilities ; collecting or laying up grain in times of dearth " )