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मुद्रा /mudrā/ f.
1) печать, печатка
2) перстень с печаткой
3) клеймо
4) чеканная монета
5) отпечаток


Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

मुद्रा [ mudrā ] [ mudrā ] f. ( fr. [ mudra ] see above ) a seal or any instrument used for sealing or stamping , a seal-ring , signet-ring ( cf. [ aṅguli-m ] ) , any ring Lit. MBh. Lit. Kāv.

type for printing or instrument for lithographing Lit. L.

the stamp or impression made by a seal

any stamp or print or mark or impression Lit. MBh. Lit. Kāv.

a stamped coin , piece of money , rupee , cash , medal Lit. L.

an image , sign , badge , token (esp. a token or mark of divine attributes impressed upon the body) Lit. Kāv. Lit. Pur. Lit. Rājat.

authorization , a pass , passport (as given by a seal) Lit. Mudr.

shutting , closing ( as of the eyes or lips gen. or comp.) Lit. Kāv.

a lock , stopper , bung Lit. Amar. Lit. Bhpr.

a mystery Lit. Cat.

N. of partic. positions or intertwinings of the fingers (24 in number , commonly practised in religious worship , and supposed to possess an occult meaning and magical efficacy Lit. Daś. Lit. Sarvad. Lit. Kāraṇḍ. Lit. RTL. 204 ; 406)

a partic. branch of education ( " reckoning by the fingers " ) Lit. DivyA7v.

parched or fried grain (as used in the Śākta or Tāntrik ceremonial) Lit. RTL. 192

( in rhet.) the natural expression of things by words , calling things by their right names Lit. Kuval.

(in music) a dance accordant with tradition Lit. Saṃgīt.